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Disclaimer-Permit agreement

Fla-ts notes that the on this website mentioned software and manuals, the brands Tarma Software Research, Microsoft Excel, the drawings or photographs are usually provided by trade marks, trademark or patent protected.The author of this site can not be held responsible for any incorrect data.No part of this publication may be reproduced and / or published by print, photocopy, microfilm or by any means, without the prior written permission of the author. (Act of June 30, 1994) * *


The new Copyright Act of June 30, 1994 (MB July 27, 1994) replaces the outdated Copyright Act of March 22, 1886 and entered into force on 1 August, 1994 and thus also apply to this license agreement


The application folders and guides that comes with the applications belonging permits are property of fla-ts and  direct in-laws.

This expenditure has been automatically protected by copyright according to the Berner convention of 1886, which has been since 1989 also effective in the United States. The agreement  for use of the application folders enters as from accepting the permit agreement during installation of it.

It has been permitted you to make one  copy of the applications and this exclusively for backup aims. You served on this copy to take over the complete copyright indication and all other communications concerning tenure which is originally mentioned.

Except as far as permitted in pursuance of this agreement you are not permitted to decompile design reduce, dismantle, adapt, at (do) to let, in use at (do) to give, in sub agreement,  to spread, entirely or partially create employments inferred of the applications to send by means of a network.

It has been, however, permitted you to transfer one copy of this agreement  of your rights and obligations in pursuance of this agreement, subject to you associated documentation and the application to others with all possible copies of  the conditions of this agreement, and subject to your application agreement explain themselves  which have been destroyed in your possession.

Your rights in pursuance of this agreement expire automatically without prior information of fla-ts if you do not comply with of the conditions of the agreement.

You recognise and accept explicitly that the use of applications of fla-ts is exclusively for your own risk. The fla-ts applications become in the state in which these found oneself at the moment of purchase and provided without only guarantee.

Fla-ts exclude explicitly all guarantee, explicit or implicit, included yet does not restrict to all conceivable guarantees of negotiability, sufficient quality, aptitude for a certain aim and imitation of copyrights of third parties.

Fla-ts do not guarantee that the functions which in the applications has been set out to your requirements will satisfy or that might be worked with applications continuously or faultless or that lacks in applications will be corrected.

Furthermore fla-ts grant no guarantees concerning the use or the results of the use of the fla-ts software or associated documentation to the point of propriety, exactitude, reliability or otherwise.

None oral or written information or notification from fla-ts can imply a guarantee or the scope of this guarantee to extend.

If the applications shows some lacks if your poin of vieuw, then all costs of all necessary revision, convalescence or correction will be at your expense.


Restriction of liability.

Under absolutely no circumstance, included, fla-ts distraction and direct in-laws responsible are for secondary, special, indirect or consequence damage arising from or being related to this agreement.

Fla-ts does not guarantee that the provided Excel folders will give satisfaction to the demands made by you, ore rather that the the functioning will be free of errors.

Under no circumstances the liability of fla-ts and direct in-laws shall be greater than the the price of the application folders,  also this liability expires as from 60 days after invoice date.

It is permitted to fla-ts to make updates of the applications without  obligations after purchase and further distributing without inform you of the updates.

Fla-ts is also not also responsible for repairing errors to the operating system, compilers or application laguages , or blame of use found on Excel versions in which software has been written.


Complete agreement.

The agreement forms the complete agreement between parties concerning the use of the fla-ts applications folders and goes out above all previous or simultaneous agreements concerning this subject. Adaptations or modifications of this permit agreement are only valid as far as these have been established in written form and have been signed by fla-ts. At disputes only the courts of Bruges/Belgium are competent.





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